Visit of His Grace Bishop Nikanor to Auckland


As part of the tour of all Parishes in the Diocese of Australia - New Zealand, His Grace Bishop Nikanor visited Auckland, for a farewell visit. Together with the Bishop arrived Fr. Milorad Loncar, former administrator of our missionary area.

On Sunday the 16th of April, 2000 in the temple of the Russian Orthodox Church, the Russian priest, Fr. Peter Fomin concelebrated with the Serbian priests Milorad Loncar and Zoran Ivanic, who on this occasion came from Wellington.

That same evening, the Church Missionary Board areas "Holy King Milutin Serbian" organized a meeting of Serbian Orthodox community with His Grace Bishop Nikanor, Fr. Milorad and Fr. Zoran. There was a service to the Most Holy Mother of God for the suffering Serbian people in Kosovo and Metohija and in all Serbian countries. In his opening speech, on behalf of the Missionary field, the Bishop extended greetings and welcome to Fr. Milorad, and then, in a sermon for the occasion, Bishop Nikanor welcomed all present. The evening passed with refreshments, in convivial conversation and introducing guests to the audience in a large hall of the Parnell Community Centre.