for Auckland and Hamilton in New Zealand 

When you mention the Circle of Serbian Sisters, then you first think of hospitality, welcome, warmth, refreshment and mutual love of all the brothers and sisters in our parish.

In 1998, Father Milorad Lončar founded the Circle of Serbian Sisters of St. Paraskeva as a charitable, cultural, patriotic and humanitarian community. In the initial years of its existence, the work of the Circle of Sisters contributed to the growth of the community and improvement of its financial situation. The first members of the Circle of Sisters were sworn in at Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church in Western Springs, Auckland.

The Circle of Sisters is formed as a subcommittee of the Parish Council and its activities are conducted in consultation with the Council. Activities of the Circle of Sisters include the organization of charities from making cakes and refreshments at church events, organizing church events and social activities for the children, and garage sales, and other activities for the purpose of collecting funds for the raising of our Temple. Celebrations of Saint Sava's feast day are always accompanied with a lovingly prepared dinner, along with gifts for the children for reciting poems and participating in the program.

Members of the Circle of Serbian Sisters of. Sava, Easter 2011

Despite all the struggles of years past, the Circle of Serbian Sisters has survived. We deeply believe that the work of the Circle of Sisters will contribute to the future, and we are all grateful for the love and hospitality that we have built so far.

Let the blessing of God determine our faith and give strength to all, to work together towards our common goal, and the creation of our Temple.